It’s Time to Have Ham!

Every fall we set aside a select few of our iberian hams for our customers and release them in small limited quantities as they reach their optimal point of curation. These selected pieces have a really high weight, the best curation point and the perfect value for money! The best thing is that you can get them with a special gift we have selected.

  • A ham-set with ham holder, stainless steel knife and sharpener
  • A wine: choose between red, white, rosé, prosecco, cava or cuvée

For those who want it sliced you can have an incredible Ibéricos Selection including ham, chorizo and salchichón. We have added an exquisite Pura Cepa Reserva, manchego cheese, olive oil and quince jam, so you can enjoy it even more.

Pair it with our November’s Rioja Selection featuring Campo Viejo Crianza and Campo Viejo Vendimia Seleccionada 2014, our newest acquisition.

campo viejo fondo pink

This wine has been elaborated with 100% tempranillo grapes and aged during 18 months in French and American oak barrels.

Its fruity taste and freshness can be perceived from the first minute you open it.

It has also been awarded with 91 points by the Guia Peñín.

If you prefer to have a wider selection to choose you can also count on our ‘Oops I Mixed It Again’ Collection, with the best red, white, rosé, cava and prosecco.

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Pedro Ximénez Gran Barquero, 88 Parker Points!

Jay Miller, Spanish wine taster at Robert Parker’s “The Wine Advocate”, awarded 88 points to our Pedro Ximenez! and 100 points to Perez Barquero PX 1905.

Be welcome to experience Pérez Barquero wines, 100% produced from Pedro Ximenez grapes in the Montilla-Moriles DO.

This wonderful Pedro Ximénez is fresh and harmonious on the palate as a result of the natural process of raising by “asoleo” or drying the grapes in the blazing sun of Andalucía. This process concentrates the sugars and grapes exhibits its full aromatic potential when aged and dried. A tradition solera system and subsequent flor ageing give the wine its dense, auburn color.

It is very aromatic with intense notes of bruised fig, dark chocolate, coffee and exotic tropical sweet woods. A long finish follows. Wonderfully complex, powerful and big.

Serve room temperature or over ice after dinner. Pairs ideally with foie gras, cheese or any number of chocolate or orange desserts 🙂

We are happy to work with the best wineries ever!



Ladybugs, Vineyards… and the Miracle Occurs

Want to know a secret? The more ladybugs there are in a vineyard, the more valuable its wines are.  Ladybugs go with the wine producer for the whole summer, protecting the vineyards from parasites. They are small and apparently insignificant, but an omen for good harvest.

This law of nature has inspired one of our suppliers, Bodegas Mitarte, which has decided to create ‘La secreta‘,  a tribute to ladybugs. A single state wine (Vino de Pago) of excellent quality.

This wine has been made with selected grapes that come from vineyards owned and controlled by the winery. The Pago, the specific place where these old vines are located, stands out for its  singular soil, orientation, location and microclimate.

Take a look at this new acquisition!

La Secreta 2014 Mitarte.JPG

Elaboration: 12 mouths in oak barrels, hand harvested. Vineyards between 60 and 100 years old.

Grapes: Tempranillo 100%

Appellation of Origin: Rioja

Alcohol: 13.5% abv

Tasting Notes: Deep cherry colour, clean and bright. Very tasty, with power and structure but easy to drink. Red fruit jam with delicious aftertaste.

Serving temperature: 16º C

Want to give it try?  This is a exclusive wine that can reach 30 or 40 euros sold in a foreign market, but lucky for you Mitarte has kept for us 150 bottles of La Secreta with a huge discount!

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“Nature, terroir, vineyard, know-how and effort: the secret of a great wine.”

Author’s Wines with Valentine’s Vives

February is especially known for two things: its releases and Valentine’s Day.

In San Jamon we are constantly adding new products to our catalogue and this month couldn’t be different. We have selected three brand new author’s wines that combine perfectly with these dates. Why don’t you have a look?



Wine & Roses. Author’s Wine from Mitarte Winery. An avant-garde wine from the label to the last drop.

You will be surprised by its fruity taste and its aromas, as it’s been aged in American and French oak barrels for 6 months. Pair it with one of our hams and enjoy it to the fullest!


Zarzuela Joven. A no added sulfites, natural, Ribera del Duero wine. A new acquisition, but made with the best 30-40-year-old vines.

You won’t be able to forget neither its red colour, nor its forest fruit and fresh grape taste. If you decide to combine it with one of our Ibérico hams or charcuterie, you’ll note the difference.


El Marido de mi Amiga. A great Rioja blend. The union of Malvasía, Sauvignon Blanc and Tempranillo Grapes.

Appreciate its straw yellow color. Smell its aromas of tropical fruits. Taste its sensations of fruit and a long, warm finish. Try it with vegetable stews, traditional Rioja-style potatoes, fish and wood-fire roasts.

Now that you have discovered them, you might want to acquire our Author’s Wines Special Selection where you will find all of them including another treble of our best-sellers: the smooth red Guerra de Pura Cepa, the bright withe Mitarte Barrel-Fermented and the intense black-fruity Condesa de Ramos Joven.

Remember that you can get a nice discount in this, and other selections using the special coupons that you will find in our monthly newsletter.


Casillero del Diablo Reserva Privada, Cabernet Sauvignon 2014

We are very excited to introduce Casillero del Diablo Reserva Privada 2014 as the first wine from South America we have on our wine profile! This Chilean wine has been awarded with 90 Parker Points on that particular vintage we have ready for our customers to taste it! And it keeps it up! Next vintage – 2015 – was very well positioned by Robert Parker too. Casillero del Diablo winery has been named for the 3rd year in a row as one of the most admirable and remarkable brands in the word by Masters of Wines, journalists, enologist and summillers. Constancy and improvement of wine quality, being the reflect of its country´s main features were within the key factors to award the wine with such a recognition.

We have decided to Casillero del Diablo Reserva Privada 2014 as a gift when buying our exceptional Serrano Ham ( you can also choose as an alternative option the holder and the knife if you still do not have one!) obtained from the back legs of white pigs, it has a remarkable flavor and aroma. This product comes from a selection of our best pigs in Castilla y Leon. Our hams are characterized by a thin layer of fat that provides a delicious flavor and is very meaty and juicy with a curation of at least 20 months following the traditional and natural way.

We cannot wait to advance that Casillero del Diablo Reserva Privada 2014 grapes are Cabernet Sauvignon grown at Maipo Valley. It spends 14 months in French barrel oak to adopt all the nuances – Chocolate, toffee and fine almond- and, as a result we have a very complex and concentrated wine. On Sight we have a brighting intense ruby-red wine. On the nose, black currant notes accompanied by red cherry and plum mingled with vibrant fresh black fruit. When in the mouth, elegant tannins and well balance fruit and oak along with a persistent finish.

And…guess what?! It pairs like heaven with the Serrano ham! All in all, an offer we could get to ourselves!




Stock Up On The Best Wines for Xmas

It comes this time of the year when we want to stock up our cellar on a good selection of wines where we can find the perfect pairing with a wide range of food, that goes well wither with fish, meat, seafood, desserts… A Little bit of everything to match all our guest likings.

For a wine cellar at home, we recommend to choose a cold dark place where you can place your bottles, where temperature does not fluctuate to much and humidity is moderate. A cooler basement or a chiller area is enough! Having a cellar means that you have on hand that you want to drink, without having to go shopping. You also ensure that you have right there the wines that might not be at your local shop.   Also a cellar at home is about aged Wines, we are offering some aged Rioja on our Newsletter. We also recommend to think about what kind of food you eat at home, for instance, if your friends and family do not like to have sweet wine with desserts, it is better not buying 3 bottles of PX.

Buy for the current likings, but keep some space for those wines you have heard about or you have been recommended. A cellar wine do not have to be very expensive! Take a look to our offers to see we offer the best value for money.

These are our Xmas minded recommendations, some Prosecco, some Cava, our special spumanti from Bottega, the highly demanded Muscat (Moscato in Italy), some rosé for the appetizers and the best Rioja for the classics.

Mionetto Prestige Prosecco Doc Treviso Extra Dry and Corte Delle Calli Prosecco DOC Treviso “String Cork” to those prosecco lovers we have. They pair very well with Iberian and serrano ham and cheeses also with sushi and seafood.

The 2 new incorporations Bottega Vino di Poeti Venezia Doc Spumante and Bottega Brut Millesimato 2015 both with a wine-making process close to the Charmat method from Bottega Winery. High quality and brand for the most demanding ones.

Cavas Hill 1887 Brut and Cavas Hill 1887 Rosado from our friend Cavas Hill which products are certified by the demanding Appellation of Origin Cava in Catalunya.

Also from Cavas Hill we have selected their Moscat and Xarel·lo combinations, Or Penedés, this one has been highly requested by our customers.

Man shall not live by sparklings alone, this new case also have our exclusive Rosé 2014 Puerta de la Majestad Rosado, Cigales and also two of of Riojas: 2014 ADM Madurado, Rioja and 2015 Campo Viejo Tinto Joven, Rioja.

With this selection no dish will be without the right pairing!

Be ready for your guests’ requests!

New Riojas In The House, New Rioja Wine Case

We have our boss always looking for new incorporations to our wine portfolio, not just because he loves wines …but also because he loves our customers to try something new! This one is specially created for those Rioja Lovers or those who want to have the best of La Rioja at home.

Vallobera Pago Malarina, Rioja is a red wine with 6 months in oak barrels that has been awarded by Robert Parker several years in a row and has recently the Silver Medal at Mundus Vini. Vallobera Tinto Joven, Rioja is a red Tempranillo variety young wine. A very bright and glossy wine. 7 Castillos Crianza, Rioja a red wine barrel-aged for twelve months, ideal to pair with meat and cured cheeses. Very balanced wine with a very clean finish, where we notice roast, spicy and tobacco nuances. It has a long aftertaste. Tres Ducados is a very fresh fruity Young red from la Rioja. Romeral Tinto Joven, Rioja is also a Young red , Ideal to pair with tapas, charcuterie and semi-aged cheeses. And last but not least the Vallobera Crianza, Rioja awarded with 90 points Robert Parker (The Wine Advocate, 2016) with a palate structured, full-bodied and tannic finish.

Dare to do your own tastings at home or invite your friends to share this entirely new case of wine.

We are waiting for your feedback, we already love them!

Simple ways to beat the autumn blues

We are all back to our cities, back to normal life after enjoying the sun, the beach and our free time during summer! 

However, one of the best things of being back at home in Autumn is having the chance to meet our friends and finally catch up!! This is kind of common in Spain, we meet to say ‘goodbye!!!’  before we leave for the holidays and after that we meet to say ‘Hello, we are back!’ 

We love sharing the Spanish tradition with our customers, not just wines and food but also the common things we do when we get together, sometimes they are common-known things , other times they are things that, although we do all the time, it is not too known. Talking of things that are not so well-known: our Spanish lomo ibérico or iberian cured pork loin.  One of the national delicacies of our iberian pigs and within the best Spanish delicacy. It is a dry-cured meat made from a iberian pork tenderloin, we call it simply “lomo’ and it has an excellent taste.  


We recall our last summer visit to London during Taste of London Show 2015. We prepared a beautiful stand with all our products, many of them were familiar to our customers, and we were proud of that! We invited to try our lomo ibérico  and people just loved it!! 

 Discover it! We have this hamper with 2 packs of lomo as a gift for newcomers However…is it ‘lomo’ anything you already cannot resist? Then pick our it comes with a whole piece of iberian cured pork loin -really easy to cut!-. This one comes also with a bottle of 2011 Vinem Reserva, Cariñena which has been awarded with a silver medal at the International Wines and Spirits Competition in 2016!


The Old Rule, the Perfect Pairing.

Top quality preserved fish, healthy and delicious, with fresh white wine… the old rule, the perfect pairing. There is simply no better way to enjoy during the summer.

We do have the wine and now we are glad to announce the addition of the Serrats fish preserves to our range for you to enjoy this summer: bonito del norte, tinned mussels and sardines directly from the north coast of Spain. These healthy cans are simple exceptional, tender, flavoursome, rich and perfect to pair with young, crisp and fresh white wines.

Wines with good acidity to cleanse the palate, and dry, not sweet. We have a few wine paring options in mind, so we have made a selection of those we consider ideal to pair with the flavor of the sea.

Viura from the north of Spain, one of the most popular white wine grape in our country. Good acidity, food fruit, dry, fresh, one young, one fermented in stainless steel; Albariño from Rías Baixas that pairs beautifully with sardines; a buttery chardonnay-viogner from La Mancha perfect with bonito; Muscat, perfect as an aperitif or with sardines; and our rosé “El capricho”.


Serrats Preserved Fish, yummy!


Paleta Serrana Gourmet Selection

A unique mellow taste… finely sliced.

Several different breeds of white pig are reared for Serrano, but the Duroc pieces we have selected are out of this world.

Our Paleta Serrana Gourmet Selection is best enjoyed in fine slices that emphasize the smooth, firm texture of it, so we have cut and vacuum packed immediately a small selection of our best pieces. 

The slices cut strike a perfect balance between slightly salty and a touch of sweetness. Meaty and juicy, fat with creamy soft consistency, full and clean flavor.

Give it a try and indulge yourself. 

Paleta Serrana Seleccion Gourmet

Paleta Serrana Gourmet Selection