Extend your holidays. Keep the taste of Spain.

You are now probably in the middle of your holidays enjoying the summer vibes of your country. Or maybe you have decided to visit ours and get a glimpse of the Spanish gastronomy.

In San Jamón we are aware that going back to the routine after a time off can be very hard. We have asked ourselves what would be the best way to keep the holidays spirit alive and we have reached to this conclusion: through our finest food and wine.

We are glad to announce that have reinvented our next-day delivery system so you can still enjoy your most favourite Spanish  as soon as you return to your home.

What is more, you can try it for free acquiring one of our most beloved selections: Ibéricos and Wine!


This hamper has everything you need to enjoy a summer evening at home or at the beach.

Enjoy a meal with its 5 packs of Jamón Ibérico, 1 manchego cheese, 1 chorizo and 1 salchichón.

Pair it with its fruity Calderona Crianza and hit the sweet spot!


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