Pedro Ximénez Gran Barquero, 88 Parker Points!

Jay Miller, Spanish wine taster at Robert Parker’s “The Wine Advocate”, awarded 88 points to our Pedro Ximenez! and 100 points to Perez Barquero PX 1905.

Be welcome to experience Pérez Barquero wines, 100% produced from Pedro Ximenez grapes in the Montilla-Moriles DO.

This wonderful Pedro Ximénez is fresh and harmonious on the palate as a result of the natural process of raising by “asoleo” or drying the grapes in the blazing sun of Andalucía. This process concentrates the sugars and grapes exhibits its full aromatic potential when aged and dried. A tradition solera system and subsequent flor ageing give the wine its dense, auburn color.

It is very aromatic with intense notes of bruised fig, dark chocolate, coffee and exotic tropical sweet woods. A long finish follows. Wonderfully complex, powerful and big.

Serve room temperature or over ice after dinner. Pairs ideally with foie gras, cheese or any number of chocolate or orange desserts 🙂

We are happy to work with the best wineries ever!




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