There’s a better way to start the week: Chardonnay

We normally like to introduce the new wines in our inventory, but sometimes is good to appreciate the wines that have been with us for years.

That’s the case of Chardonnay Veneto, one of our Italian gems. When asking our wine expert in San Jamon, he defines this wine as “a clear balance of acidity, fruit, mouth feel, finish and palatability.”

Let’s discover what makes this wine so special.



Just glancing at it you will appreciate that it is a white wine with a straw-yellow colour and citrine hints. When smelling it, you’ll feel a floreal and fine fragrance. Now you just got to taste it; check how flavory, harmonious and persistent is!

Wanna try it with food? It’s perfect to pair with first courses in general and second courses of white meat or fish. It is also the ideal wine to take to a Sunday lunch to enjoy as an aperitif with a soft cheese or smoked fish. Serving it at 9-11°C you’ll enjoy every single drop!


Type of wine: Still white wine
Grapes(s): Chardonnay
Appellation of Origin: Italy –> Veneto  IGT
Winery: Vinicola Serena
Alcohol: 11% abv

Take a look around our webpage to find this wine and the special selections that include it. Cheers!


The 4 T’s: Tempranillo, Tinto Fino, Tinta de Toro and Tinta del País



Many wines in our catalogue are made from ‘tempranillo’, ‘tinto fino’, ‘tinta de toro’ and ‘tinta del país’ grapes. These last three are cloned from the tempranillo grapes and are grown in specific parts of Castilla and León. As they are all known as synonyms we will refer to them using the term ‘tempranillo’.

The ‘tempranillo’ is a black grape variety, widely grown in Spain, to make medium to full-bodied red wine. It takes its name after the Spanish diminutive for ‘early’ (temprano), a reference to the fact that it matures several weeks earlier than most Spanish red grapes.



  • Its peaceful ruby red color.
  • Its distinguished aroma with hints of berries, plum, tobacco, vanilla and herbs.
  • A powerful but neutral taste. That’s the reason why it also makes a good combination with Grenache, Cariñena or Cabernet Sauvignon grapes.
  • Its capability of being paired with all kinds of food.
  • It’s savory 😉


If you purchase one of our new selections, Holding out for a Tinto and Mixing in the Deep, you’ll be able to enjoy tempranillo in all its glory.

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