Wine and Ham, a Perfect Christmas Plan

Our telephone is constantly ringing, so that means Christmas must be right around the corner. The days for ‘guaranteed December 24 delivery’ are ticking away, but before they do, we would like to introduce a very special selection dedicated to you all.

Many of you had asked for it, so here it comes:

The Ultimate Rioja Selection

A delightful case with a careful excerpt of 6 types of Rioja wines that sent to you with a free express delivery!

We’ll give you 6 reasons why you should order this case right now:

  1. The personality of a Vallobera Tinto Joven
  2. The strawberry flavour of a Mitarte Madurado Tercera Hoja
  3. The persistent taste of a Mitarte Crianza
  4. The frank nose of a Jaldún Crianza
  5. The ruby red color of a Tres Ducados
  6. The free super-gift that you are going to get: a decanter and 2 packs of extra-tender lomo ibérico (tenderloin)

Bare in mind that there are only 150 collections available and you can purchase yours until Sunday 18th.

And that’s not it! Rioja wine and Iberian ham go hand in hand and, although our Christmas Hampers have flown, we don’t want you to miss this other opportunity!

Ibérico Ham + free gift

We still have a few units of a spectacular Iberico ham precisely selected by our best expert, Miguel. When you purchase your order you’ll be able to choose between two different gifts:

  • A ham-set consisting of a solid-wood holder with a stainless steel knife and sharpener
  • A Casillero del Diablo Reserva Privada 2014 Cabernet Sauvignon red wine bottle

And also express delivery is for free!
Remember to get yours before Sunday 18th or you won’t get it on time for Christmas.

Merry pre-Christmas to you all!



Thank you for the trust you’ve placed in us!

In these last days of the year, I’m happy to write a short post on our SanJamon blog to thank you for the trust you’ve placed in us.

 We begin to roll towards the New Year and I’m excited to announce that this year is a very special as well as in our history, as we reach our 10th anniversary, 10 years since I launched the first sanjamon site. 

It’s been a very long and hard way, but it’s been fulfilled with pleasures and precious moments. This new year I’m going to make a post telling you about the details and anecdotes when San Jamon started online.

Although time has gone by, I’m still obsessed about costumer’s satisfaction, not only with our products, but also with us.

Now you are 50 thousand clients from different parts of Europe and, even that number can seem small compared to other e-commerce giants, it means a lot to me.  After 10 years I’m still helping you when Maria, the customer’s service person, calls me and says to me “Boss! (in a caring tone) We’ve got to check some things that customers have pointed out”

 For example: some of you write asking for a winecase with white wines instead of rosés, or you need to prepare a special occasion and you want something different or a special price. Maria and I help you solving your queries and I think that that special and personal treatment is what makes us unique, close to each of you.

 This summer I visited Denmark, a country where we have many and good customers. I loved Copenhaguen, its culture and its inhabitants. I’d love to open a kind of bar-shop there with my hams and Spanish wines in the future.

 I also love United Kingdom, a country where we have a lot of customers too. I always wanted to open something there, but now I have some doubts with the Brexit issue. I hope all this uncertainty will finish soon and we will continue sending our products there.

 In Finland and Sweden, where our hams are very well appreciated, we have good customers too.

 I don’t want to miss out our European clients, i.e. France, Italy, Germany…

 To end up, I want to thank all of you because of the trust you still have on San Jamon, I wish you Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year surrounded with all your beloved ones.

 Kind regards,

 Miguel Cepeda Giron