Which place do you want to drink? Which wine do you want to visit?

Come on!…Autumn has its advantage too! … We know our hearts cannot resist to recall the wind and the sun kissing our skin, but hey! sometimes it was too hot! – at least in Spain-

This season is commonly seized to travel as the temperatures are warmer and it is still very sunny in the Mediterranean area. Also, grapes´ harvest is taking place and vineyards are still full of leaves. The golden light of the sunset covering the vines´leaves´….all in all a very nice season to know different regions. Thinking on that we have created our White Grape Varieties Collection https://sanjamon.co.uk/drinks/wine-by-the-case/white-and-rose/white-grape-varieties-collection. This case of wine contains 8 different white grapes varieties!! we suggest to let yourself go over the varietals and learn a bit more about them and their regions where they are grown!

One of our Incredible White Rioja Wine is the 2014 Mitarte Blanco. This one is made from the local variety: Viura. Our friends of Mitarte Winery in La Rioja (Spain) usually harvest the grape they use for this wine on the second week of October and its grapes comes from 70-year old vineyards. It is called the Queen of La Rioja!

Our selection of wine can take you to Rueda (Valladolid, Spain) Bascarlon Sauvignon Blanc is a wine made with 100% sauvignon blanc grape variety, which are on average twenty years old. Verdejo is the other famous varietal that is grown in Rueda. Bitácora Verdejo from Cuatro Rayas in Rueda is a floral white with racy acidity.

Godello  is a grape that was rescued for 1970 when it was barely extinct and it is currently one of the premium grapes varietal in Spain.The main features of godello is acidity and minerality but what makes it different to other varieties is its fruitnesss and wildflower tasting notes. We have selected , 2014 Guerra de Pura Cepa Blanco, Bierzo for you to taste the variety. This wine has also Doña Blanca variety included on the mixture, this particular grape is the base of white ports. Region of Bierzo is located close to Portugal so it is normal that the grapes varieties are shared across those areas. Dona Blanca is an aromatic variety and it is also used to make some dry varietal wines.

Albariño is one of the most international wine grapes in Spain where it grows mainly in Galicia. Albariño grape has a thick skin that helps that makes possible for the grape to overcome the galician weather. High quality Albariño, as our 2011 Señorio de Cruces Albariño  from DO Rías Baixas (Galicia) are really aromatic and it has ripe stone fruit and grapefruit in the nose.

Albarino vineyards

Malvasia gives aromas very persistent fruit and mineral memories. Tasting it offers upper middle aromatic intensity, ripe apple, banana, pear.

Chardonnay Veneto (Italy) is a monovarietal Italian wine made of Chardonnay variety. Chardonnay has a very wide character depending on the wine-making that is followed and the region where the grape is grown. This white wine with a straw-yellow colour and citrine hints, the fragrance is typically floreal and fine while the palate is tasty, harmonious and persistent.

And last but not least  Gewurztraminer which is a variety similar in many ways to Moscat. It is an easy-drinking wine that it usually one of the most chosen by new-wine-comers along with the chardonnay.  The intense color is unforgettable due to the pinkish skin of the grape which gives the wine some copper nuances. This is a very aromatic wine, with spices. Our 2014 Le Val Gewurztraminer Pays d’Oc (France) shows notes of lychee and spices, fine but powerful.

We hope our wines´selection inspires you to take the first flight you find and visit those beautiful regions!



Simple ways to beat the autumn blues

We are all back to our cities, back to normal life after enjoying the sun, the beach and our free time during summer! 

However, one of the best things of being back at home in Autumn is having the chance to meet our friends and finally catch up!! This is kind of common in Spain, we meet to say ‘goodbye!!!’  before we leave for the holidays and after that we meet to say ‘Hello, we are back!’ 

We love sharing the Spanish tradition with our customers, not just wines and food but also the common things we do when we get together, sometimes they are common-known things , other times they are things that, although we do all the time, it is not too known. Talking of things that are not so well-known: our Spanish lomo ibérico or iberian cured pork loin.  One of the national delicacies of our iberian pigs and within the best Spanish delicacy. It is a dry-cured meat made from a iberian pork tenderloin, we call it simply “lomo’ and it has an excellent taste.  


We recall our last summer visit to London during Taste of London Show 2015. We prepared a beautiful stand with all our products, many of them were familiar to our customers, and we were proud of that! We invited to try our lomo ibérico  and people just loved it!! 

 Discover it! We have this hamper with 2 packs of lomo as a gift for newcomers https://sanjamon.co.uk/half-and-half-sparkling-and-reds?___SID=U However…is it ‘lomo’ anything you already cannot resist? Then pick our https://sanjamon.co.uk/gourmet-with-reserve-wine it comes with a whole piece of iberian cured pork loin -really easy to cut!-. This one comes also with a bottle of 2011 Vinem Reserva, Cariñena which has been awarded with a silver medal at the International Wines and Spirits Competition in 2016! https://www.iwsc.net/result/detail/71065