The Old Rule, the Perfect Pairing.

Top quality preserved fish, healthy and delicious, with fresh white wine… the old rule, the perfect pairing. There is simply no better way to enjoy during the summer.

We do have the wine and now we are glad to announce the addition of the Serrats fish preserves to our range for you to enjoy this summer: bonito del norte, tinned mussels and sardines directly from the north coast of Spain. These healthy cans are simple exceptional, tender, flavoursome, rich and perfect to pair with young, crisp and fresh white wines.

Wines with good acidity to cleanse the palate, and dry, not sweet. We have a few wine paring options in mind, so we have made a selection of those we consider ideal to pair with the flavor of the sea.

Viura from the north of Spain, one of the most popular white wine grape in our country. Good acidity, food fruit, dry, fresh, one young, one fermented in stainless steel; Albariño from Rías Baixas that pairs beautifully with sardines; a buttery chardonnay-viogner from La Mancha perfect with bonito; Muscat, perfect as an aperitif or with sardines; and our rosé “El capricho”.


Serrats Preserved Fish, yummy!



Paleta Serrana Gourmet Selection

A unique mellow taste… finely sliced.

Several different breeds of white pig are reared for Serrano, but the Duroc pieces we have selected are out of this world.

Our Paleta Serrana Gourmet Selection is best enjoyed in fine slices that emphasize the smooth, firm texture of it, so we have cut and vacuum packed immediately a small selection of our best pieces. 

The slices cut strike a perfect balance between slightly salty and a touch of sweetness. Meaty and juicy, fat with creamy soft consistency, full and clean flavor.

Give it a try and indulge yourself. 

Paleta Serrana Seleccion Gourmet

Paleta Serrana Gourmet Selection