Gearing up for the Taste of London 2015

“No pains, no gains”. As you all know, we are taking ourselves to the Taste of London June 17-21. Regent’s Park.We love to make the personal touch so we are working hard these days to have everything set up and ready for the open doors.




In the coming days leading up to the event, you’ll have a chance to win a pair of Taste tickets and promotions for discounted Taste hampers. If you want to be one of the lucky ones, share your pictures of the most exquisite Signature ibérico products or of our fines wines with hashtags #SanJamon and #TasteofLondon via Twitter, Instagram or Facebook pages.

Do not hesitate and pop along to out booth to sample our best ibérico charcuterie, cheeses, extra virgin olive oil and of course our crown jewel Ibérico Bellota Ham or simply come in and have a glass of our fine wine, rest your feet and take a moment to welcome the summer and indulge yourself.

We will reveal more details really soon! Meanwhile check out the  Taste of London 2014 Highlights




Our Taste of London Debut!

And we’re bringing the pigs…

Just kidding, the pigs are staying here, but we are taking ourselves to the Taste of London June 17-21. It will give us an opportunity to get to know in person a lot of our customers and put a face to the name of many of the people we come across in the emails and on the phone. We understand it is the best food fair in London and our product can adapt to the fair quite well as it is a very special product. We love to make the personal touch so we won’t be sending any company to do our P.R. for us. You’ll get to meet Sero, Rebeca, Vanessa and myself in person. We’re going to be doing something special for our customers too. We are preparing a special campaign to celebrate our customers. In the coming days and weeks leading up to the event, you’ll have a chance to win a pair of Taste tickets and promotions for discounted Taste hampers. Please follow us on Instagram at san_jamon and start tagging your photos with #sanjamon!

It is an exciting finale for me to be present some of my hams that have recently finished their curing cycle. It gives me a lot of satisfaction to be able to select my best hams and “take them to show” so to speak.

In June we’ll harvest the wheat that will be processed and eventually consumed by our pigs. We plant a few hectares of corn, wheat and barley, and a little alfalfa, which are of course pesticide free as they were for my grandparents and grandparent’s grandparents! It has been a warm year and rained in the spring when moisture was needed. All of this will make for a successful cereal harvest and give our pigs whole food to eat through the summer and fall. In London we’ll be a long way from the small farming community where we raise our pigs. We’ll make special hams available for purchase on site at Taste and with special delivery so you don’t have to lug them around the event. Until then, please visit for all your ham and wine needs.

We look forward to seeing you at Taste of London 2015, Regent’s Park. We hope you enjoy a few photos from a recent visit to the countryside.

A Morning at Tinto Arroyo, Ribera del Duero

Winding our way from Peñafiel, past the castle on the hill, under and intensely lit morning sky. The wineries off the beaten path in Ribera del Duero rarely get as much attention as their more famous neighbors like Pingus, Pesquera or Vega Sicilia. But, there are some juicy finds just around the river bend, driving on N-122 direction Burgos. If you go north through Roa and La Horra, where the soils start to turn to limestone and and the red cuts a contrast with the white buildings and the green vines, you;ll come to a village of Burgos called Sotillo de la Ribera.