Flavoursome Late-Spring Feast: Coated Asparagus Stuffed with Iberian Ham and 3 Zesty White Options

Vineyards are all springing to life, flowers are coming out, asparagus are appearing and new wines are comming to sanjamon.com. We would like to present you a selection  of zesty,  thirst-quenching wines we find ideal to pair with today’s recipe.

As you all know we do love seasonal produce and at this time of the year our local farmer´s markets are full of excellent fresh asparagus. So we picked up a bunch of them and prepared an excellent hot starter. So if you are looking for that perfect late spring feast, you do not need an excuse or a special occasion to give it a try. Uncork (or unscrew!) one of our easy-drinking wines and enjoy.




But first things first. Asparagus has been used as a vegetable and medicine since ancient times due to its delicate flavour and mainly due to its  diuretic and even aphrodisiac properties.  In fact, the earliest known recipe for asparagus is included in one of the world’s oldest cookbooks written in the 3rd century A.D.: asparagus with eggs, salt and pepper.

Today we will focus on white asparagus, the most popular variety in our country, despite the fact that this “edible ivory” implies tons of work. White asparagus are grown in the dark to stop any color development; stalks are grown underground, beneath mounds of soil.  They don’t receive sunlight so they do not produce chlorophyll and shoots remain white in color. The result is a spring delicacy, less bitter and much more tender than green or violet asparagus.


Coated Asparagus Stuffed with Iberian Ham

Cooking level: easy and fun

Time: 20 minutes or less 🙂

For this recipe, you will need:


6 thick asparagus (that have more of a meaty center)

100 gr Iberian ham finely sliced

1 eggs


Extra Virgin Olive Oil

If you have the chance to visit the local farmers market, do not hesitate and pick up a bunch of them. Remember that you have to peel the lower end of white asparagus before cooking (boiled or steemed)  or raw consumption. If you don’t, don’t worry; just open a tin of white asparagus.

In any case, the most important step is to drain. Drain onto kitchen paper. Butterfly each asparagus, carefully running your knife down its entire length.



Cut the Iberian ham slices into strips and fill the asparagus with them.



Close up the asparagus around the Iberian ham strips and coat with flour


Dip in egg batter



and fry them with extra virgin olive oil, both sides, for a few minutes.



Drain the excess oil by laying the asparagus on kitchen paper


To delight your dinners, serve straight!


Our Wine Selection

It is nice to drink good wine even if it is your everyday wine. Now is time to uncork or open the bottle; you can choose your favourite from Spain or from the world:)

Verdejo Casa María, Vino de la Tierra de Castilla y Leon. Vinified entirely from Verdejo grapes this crisp , clean and refreshing wine is ideal to pair with starters or appetizers. 12% ABV. In this case you will not need any corkscrew since this bottle has screw cap, easy to open 😉

verdejo casa maria


Riesling Kendermanns direct from Germany. 100% Riesling. An harmoniously fruity wine with a long lingering finish. 12%ABV. Serve chilled as the perfect refreshing aperitif or to accompany dishes such as asparagus, risotto or salmon. It hits the spot!


Chardonnay Vivace Frizzante  Cornalè IGT, Italy. One more crisp wine with a pleasant bitter note, drinkable on any occasion. Perfect choice as appetizer. Suited to light starters 🙂 To be served between 8º and 10ºC.chardonnay

Have a great week and Happy Spring Bank Holiday for those lucky enough to be enjoying it!


You Should Read this Post, Before Making your Purchase

I am writing my first post on our SanJamon.com blog on a very special day for me, as today is May 1, 2015, the day I turn nothing more and nothing less than 34 years. I have decided to write at the least one new publication every month, encouraged by my coworkers and family.

With so much work and so many responsibilities, I never found the time to write, but now many of you out there know me (followers, customers, friends, the curious) and you deserve to know more of the story.

In these posts, I’ll try to express the day-to-day happenings of what goes on in and around San Jamon. It’ll be an authentic first hand account of our experiences.

I want to take advantage of this first publication to give thanks to all of our customers that have trusted in us, given that thanks to all of you, this project that began eight years is still in progress. Today there are six of us that are able to make a living in San Jamon.

I still remember my start in the online world, pushed to take the our products from the family-run Iberian pig farm to the next level. With the help of a friend, I made my first webpage and by month’s end I had managed my first sale. I will always remember the excitement I felt.

For a while I attended to the telephone and put the orders together. I had no budget available to me to contract employees. During Christmas, when I has a lot of work, my mother and my aunt helped me do the orders. Who better to help get a struggling new business off the ground than your own family?

Later I met Vanessa, an American girl with nice green eyes who couldn’t have been any happier. She was the perfect girl to talk to my European customers. She was a native speaker and a very hard worker. We worked so many hours together in my office that, in the end, we became a couple. There were so many hard days from seven in the morning until 11 o’clock at night, answering your emails and addressing doubts.

As the business was growing, I needed someone to take charge and prepare and manage the orders. I needed someone I could trust who would make each order as if it were the only one, as I had done. Then I thought about my cousin who was someone very close to me and whom I could trust without a doubt.

Those were the beginnings of my humble business. The rest was made possible by the customers. They have always encouraged me to continue and not abandon the project when things did not go as I had hoped.

I am quite obsessed with the customer service because we know that it is the fundamental pillar of our business. I’ll tell you a short anecdote that made me realize even more the importance of good treatment toward our customers.

I decided to buy my girlfriend a sweater that she really liked from a well-known online store to give to her on her birthday. The days went by and my package never arrived and her birthday was approaching. I decided to call the business about the package. I was placed on hold and after a few minutes a woman came on who seemed a bit annoyed, for which I did not completely understand, and told me that she simply did not know where my package was.

I called every day for a week and got the same response. I also emailed and got zero response. My girlfriend’s birthday arrived and I had no gift. I felt frustrated and powerless. I thought to myself, “We can never do this to our San Jamon customers.” This was a company that makes millions in sales, but I unsubscribed and never made a purchase from them again.

We are a small family-run company but of the biggest in terms of dedication and aspiration to make you, our customers, happy.

We know very well that when you make an order on SanJamon.com, there is a long history behind it and as soon as that order comes in there is a whole symphony of synchronization that commences so that our product is enjoyed with friends or family, or as a gift in my case.

Thank you for trusting in San Jamon!

Miguel Cepeda Girón


Cinema Roble, a star is born in DO Ribera del Duero

First things first: Cinema Roble is a 100% Tempranillo aged 6 months in French and American oak and 6 months in bottle. Brilliant red cherry colour, with hues of purple, bright and clear with good depth.  It is the first wine in the world that allows consumers to know the bottle’s exact temperature. Its sophisticated front label imbued with thermochromic inks contains a precise thermometer to ensure that the wine is enjoyed at its ideal temperature. The recommended serving temperature is 16º-18ºC or in other words: green label 😉 In addition, the back label detaches to reveal the most notable quotes from the directors, actors, and actresses who have captured our imagination.

It is ideal to pair with cheese, specially aged cheeses.

Cinema Wines  originated in 2010 from an idea shared by a group of friends devoted to the seventh art and wine to merge these two passionate worlds. Behind the Cinema project is a group of men and women from worlds as diverse as that of the sciences, banking, automobile, law, nutrition, education, painting, sculpture, research, gastronomy, wine, film, and theatre.These entrepreneurs have brought the best and most innovative aspects of these fields to bring a different perspective to CINEMA wine.  Applying what they have learned in their many travels around the world, including enology, research, marketing, design, and sales concepts, they have transformed the concept of wine in Spain.

Cinema is not only the pleasurable experience of drinking a great wine.  It’s a ticket to the movie we all wished to make, an invitation to travel through imagination and share wonderful moments enveloped in the magic of film.

It’s time to top up your wine rack and get prepared for spring fiesta and relaxing sunny evenings with one of our most astonishing and special Spanish wine.

Botella Cinema Roble nueva fondo blanco