San Jamón Holiday Gift Guide

Our advent calendars only have a few chocolates left, so that means Christmas must be right around the corner and the day (December 18 at midnight) for guaranteed delivery by Christmas Eve is fast approaching. We have prepared exclusive San Jamon signature gifts for you to enjoy this holiday season.

The holidays in Spain are quickly becoming more and more internationalized with far more Christmas trees in Spanish living rooms than before. Traditionally the main family-gathering time has been January 6 the day after the visit by the three Magic Kings or ‘El Día de los Reyes’. It continues to be, but more children are aware of Santa Claus than ever before.

The three Magic Kings visit the houses of every Spaniard the night of January 5.


Rioja Alta

In Rioja Alta the climate is also mainly Atlantic, while the soils are chalky-clay, ferrous-clay or alluvial. Rioja Baja has a drier, warmer climate, thanks to the Mediterranean influence and the soils are alluvial and ferrous-clay.

(Rioja Alta: norwest Autonomus comunity of La Rioja, besides El Ternero, placed in Miranda de Ebro, province of Burgos.  Vineyards extension: 42 %. Wines are fresh and aromatic, color less intense and lively than the one produced in La Rioja Alavesa, light, medium alcohol content and medium/high acidity)

rioja_regions map

The Rioja Altas is La Rioja’s wine-producing area par excellence. It is here that the region’s wine culture was mainly developed and where its most prestigious wines come from. But there are two other elements that contribute to making its scenery incomparable. One is the richness and diversity of its historical and artistic heritage, reflecting La Rioja’s previous role as crossing of ways and frontier land. The other is an environment and landscape characterised by its vineyards but looking towards the Toloño, Cantabria and Demanda mountains, and of course the Ebre River. And to top it all, the hospitality of the towns of La Rioja and their people.

Without any doubt, vines growing has become the best guarantee and prosperity for the future of this region.

Vineyard landscape of La Rioja has left  a big mark on every single social, economic and cultural aspects . (Vine and wine have left a cultural mark, even in local festivities:  La batalla del Vino de Haro. Declared Festivity of National Turist Interes in 2011.

There is a huge quantity of wine infrastructures that dot the landscape.