Harvest Time in Rioja!

Summer has passed by and we can already feel Autumn is here! Wind sounds outside our office in Spain and temperatures are going down a bit! It is time to relax at home, enjoying quiet (or not that quiet!!!…It is up to you!!) dinners with family and friends.

Spanish Appellation of Origin regions are in the middle of the harvest! Some of our wine suppliers have already finished the most important weeks of the year. Enologists, wine specialists… Everybody has been very busy carrying out the harvest! This is the most exciting period of the year for winemakers! They have passed 12 months watching how vines were growing, first naked during winter, then warmer as spring arrived and finally even warmer under s

ummer sun. Harvest day is carefully chosen by enologist so grapes are in their perfect ripen point… Amazing! Isn’t it?

We did not want to miss the event and took a trip to La Rioja to be witnesses of this fabulous miracle and live the harvest experience in first person along with our friends in charge of create our Riojas

The Boss driving a tractor through the vineyards. Hornos de Moncalvillo,  La Rioja. ADM Winery 🙂

Thank you! We spent a great time having lunch with them, pairing reserves and Iberian ham, tasting moscato and laughing… because there are few things but wine so well related to nice moments with our closest ones.


A walk in the vineyards in Labastida, Rioja Alavesa. Thanks, Ignacio, Antonio and family 😉


It’s Wine O’Clock

As the summer comes to an end, we are spending every waking minute drinking wine, feeling fine and remembering… but also,  we down here at San Jamón are busy gearing up for the holiday season already.

But before we get going, we’ve prepared some “remembering” cases special to our customers. Apart from our wine cases, this month we have a special hampers, Ham, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Manchego Cheese and more for you to prepare the perfect Charcuterie and Cheese board. The range introduces less well known, but equally fine example of regional specialty, our beloved Lomo.

Try it in sandwiches or in charcuterie platters.

The weather is still warm, but the leaves are turning. Our skin still has a wonderful golden brown color…. We still have salty hearts. Enjoy life!


Extend your holidays. Keep the taste of Spain.

You are now probably in the middle of your holidays enjoying the summer vibes of your country. Or maybe you have decided to visit ours and get a glimpse of the Spanish gastronomy.

In San Jamón we are aware that going back to the routine after a time off can be very hard. We have asked ourselves what would be the best way to keep the holidays spirit alive and we have reached to this conclusion: through our finest food and wine.

We are glad to announce that have reinvented our next-day delivery system so you can still enjoy your most favourite Spanish  as soon as you return to your home.

What is more, you can try it for free acquiring one of our most beloved selections: Ibéricos and Wine!


This hamper has everything you need to enjoy a summer evening at home or at the beach.

Enjoy a meal with its 5 packs of Jamón Ibérico, 1 manchego cheese, 1 chorizo and 1 salchichón.

Pair it with its fruity Calderona Crianza and hit the sweet spot!


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Pedro Ximénez Gran Barquero, 88 Parker Points!

Jay Miller, Spanish wine taster at Robert Parker’s “The Wine Advocate”, awarded 88 points to our Pedro Ximenez! and 100 points to Perez Barquero PX 1905.

Be welcome to experience Pérez Barquero wines, 100% produced from Pedro Ximenez grapes in the Montilla-Moriles DO.

This wonderful Pedro Ximénez is fresh and harmonious on the palate as a result of the natural process of raising by “asoleo” or drying the grapes in the blazing sun of Andalucía. This process concentrates the sugars and grapes exhibits its full aromatic potential when aged and dried. A tradition solera system and subsequent flor ageing give the wine its dense, auburn color.

It is very aromatic with intense notes of bruised fig, dark chocolate, coffee and exotic tropical sweet woods. A long finish follows. Wonderfully complex, powerful and big.

Serve room temperature or over ice after dinner. Pairs ideally with foie gras, cheese or any number of chocolate or orange desserts 🙂

We are happy to work with the best wineries ever!



Ladybugs, Vineyards… and the Miracle Occurs

Want to know a secret? The more ladybugs there are in a vineyard, the more valuable its wines are.  Ladybugs go with the wine producer for the whole summer, protecting the vineyards from parasites. They are small and apparently insignificant, but an omen for good harvest.

This law of nature has inspired one of our suppliers, Bodegas Mitarte, which has decided to create ‘La secreta‘,  a tribute to ladybugs. A single state wine (Vino de Pago) of excellent quality.

This wine has been made with selected grapes that come from vineyards owned and controlled by the winery. The Pago, the specific place where these old vines are located, stands out for its  singular soil, orientation, location and microclimate.

Take a look at this new acquisition!

La Secreta 2014 Mitarte.JPG

Elaboration: 12 mouths in oak barrels, hand harvested. Vineyards between 60 and 100 years old.

Grapes: Tempranillo 100%

Appellation of Origin: Rioja

Alcohol: 13.5% abv

Tasting Notes: Deep cherry colour, clean and bright. Very tasty, with power and structure but easy to drink. Red fruit jam with delicious aftertaste.

Serving temperature: 16º C

Want to give it try?  This is a exclusive wine that can reach 30 or 40 euros sold in a foreign market, but lucky for you Mitarte has kept for us 150 bottles of La Secreta with a huge discount!

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“Nature, terroir, vineyard, know-how and effort: the secret of a great wine.”

The stars of the month: Single-varietal wines

Wine trends are changing. Now, we want to know more about the history and production, the winery and the winemaking, the vineyards’ location and, of course, about the grape varieties. We are less brand-loyal than ever before and enjoy experimenting across styles. As trend seekers and winelovers we couldn’t miss the opportunity to show you some of our single-varietal collections.

Current varietals leading with consumers include Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, followed by Pinot Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot.

A single-varietal wine (monovarietal) is made from a single grape varietal, as the name suggests. Lately some of the most important wineries have decided to focus their attention on the grape variety. This has led to consider it even more important than the Appellation of Origin or the Region where the grapes come from.

Monasterio de Palazuelos Sauvignon Blanc


This wine was born after experimenting with the monovarietal version of a verdejo, its workhorse blending partner, sauvignon.

A pale yellow color with some steely green, the aromas are rich and tropical with grilled pineapple and mango salsa notes.

Its appellation of origin is Rueda and it has 13% ABV

Pinot Grigio Veneto


White wine from Veneto’s tradition with an international Flavour.

Straw yellow with light copper shades. At the smell you can feel the mineral note together with yellow fruits like peach, melon, and strawberry. Good alcoholic strength, sapid and full bodied.
Serving suggestions: Perfect for important occasions it pairs well with appetizers, vegetable main courses, especially with risotto, white meat and fish.

Its appellation of origin is Veneto 11,5%  ABV

Merlot Piedemonte


This wine’s complex and highly varietal perfume is a delight for the senses. The Merlot appears in a cherry red colour with purple hues and has a structured, sweet and fruity mouth. It brings a sweet flavour consisting of blackberries, mixed with a liquorice and violet aroma. It is a perfect companion for meats. To be served at 15 to 18°C.

It has a 12% AVB



Last week the 31st Salón de Gourmets took place in Madrid, the major European event of delicatessen products. It is catalogued as the largest annual showcase of high quality food and beverage products from the Agro-industry branch.

San Jamon’s Team is always looking for updates and new additions to our catalogue, so we just couldn’t miss out the event!

Corridors full of wines, fine charcuterie, cheese, pantry, sweets and snacks. Here you can watch a sneak-peek of our experience:

Inspired by all the wines that we had the opportunity to taste, this month we have included two new types of Campo Viejo, white and rosé. Two varieties of the top-seller foreign wine in the United Kingdom that has always been a part of our collection.


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We will be attending new fairs and events during this month, so stay tuned!


What a Mixing!

Spring is being really cold this year, but that hasn’t stopped us from taking our business to a whole new level! Whenever there’s a big event in the ‘gourmet world’ San Jamon Team just cannot miss it!

Last week we had the opportunity to travel to Düsseldorf in order to visit ProWein, one of the biggest wine fairs of the world. Every year this event concentrates wineries representatives as well as attendants from every part of the planet.

We could see first-hand which are the wine trends for this 2017. Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon remain as the undisputed leaders, as they are easier for the consumer to understand and more reliable. Nonetheless, the Spanish Rioja wines are on the rise; in fact, Tempranillo is currently the most sold wine in the UK. Furthermore, White Tempranillo is one of the most searched terms in the country. As you may know, Rioja wines have a strong presence in San Jamon.

While walking around the exhibition stands we were able to get in touch with members and providers of Australian, Chilean and New Zealander wineries. That means that we will soon surprise you with some international additions in our catalogue, although we will continue providing you with our classics.

Here it is a sneak-peek of our experience:

There’s a better way to start the week: Chardonnay

We normally like to introduce the new wines in our inventory, but sometimes is good to appreciate the wines that have been with us for years.

That’s the case of Chardonnay Veneto, one of our Italian gems. When asking our wine expert in San Jamon, he defines this wine as “a clear balance of acidity, fruit, mouth feel, finish and palatability.”

Let’s discover what makes this wine so special.



Just glancing at it you will appreciate that it is a white wine with a straw-yellow colour and citrine hints. When smelling it, you’ll feel a floreal and fine fragrance. Now you just got to taste it; check how flavory, harmonious and persistent is!

Wanna try it with food? It’s perfect to pair with first courses in general and second courses of white meat or fish. It is also the ideal wine to take to a Sunday lunch to enjoy as an aperitif with a soft cheese or smoked fish. Serving it at 9-11°C you’ll enjoy every single drop!


Type of wine: Still white wine
Grapes(s): Chardonnay
Appellation of Origin: Italy –> Veneto  IGT
Winery: Vinicola Serena
Alcohol: 11% abv

Take a look around our webpage to find this wine and the special selections that include it. Cheers!

The 4 T’s: Tempranillo, Tinto Fino, Tinta de Toro and Tinta del País



Many wines in our catalogue are made from ‘tempranillo’, ‘tinto fino’, ‘tinta de toro’ and ‘tinta del país’ grapes. These last three are cloned from the tempranillo grapes and are grown in specific parts of Castilla and León. As they are all known as synonyms we will refer to them using the term ‘tempranillo’.

The ‘tempranillo’ is a black grape variety, widely grown in Spain, to make medium to full-bodied red wine. It takes its name after the Spanish diminutive for ‘early’ (temprano), a reference to the fact that it matures several weeks earlier than most Spanish red grapes.



  • Its peaceful ruby red color.
  • Its distinguished aroma with hints of berries, plum, tobacco, vanilla and herbs.
  • A powerful but neutral taste. That’s the reason why it also makes a good combination with Grenache, Cariñena or Cabernet Sauvignon grapes.
  • Its capability of being paired with all kinds of food.
  • It’s savory 😉


If you purchase one of our new selections, Holding out for a Tinto and Mixing in the Deep, you’ll be able to enjoy tempranillo in all its glory.

*Remember that you can get a nice discount in these and other selections using the special coupons that you will find in our monthly newsletter.