The Rioja Control Board Choice

The DOCa Rioja Control Board has chosen our ADM Crianza as the institutional Crianza to be used to represent it at institutional events during this year. Among more than 200 wines submitted to the tasting the Tasting Committee selected ADM Crianza in a blind tasting and you can get it in one of the hampers we are offering this month!

Let’s get into details.

ADM Crianza from Rioja DO is a tempranillo that has been carefully aged in neutral and some new oak for 12 months before bottling. When you get taste it you’ll find ripe black berries, chocolate, vanilla, mocha and toasty aromas on the nose and palate. Producer is known for a pronounced intensity of very ripe, though not entirely jammy, fruit notes on the wide palate. Alcohol is 13.50%



James Suckling meets La Rioja

We are constantly selecting new references for our wines catalogue and the best way to do that is with a first-hand approach. Recently we have ‘expanded our horizons’ through a visit to Logroño and Laguardia, both located in the cradle of La Rioja.

Logroño has been our first stop. ADM has been our supplier for the last 6 years. One of our customer’s top Rioja favourites is Jaldún Crianza; they are the winemakers. Thank you Alfredo and Soraya. You rock!


Then, we visited Bodegas Vallobera in Laguardia. We started to work with them 2 years ago and since then we have sold a lot of their wines, some of them are very special. One of these wines is Vallobera Crianza, which has been awarded with not less than 90 James Suckling points. You can have a look in our website!

gracias alfonso

We had the chance to do a tasting . Thank you Alfonso for such a wonderful time!

See you soon, our friends! It’s been a pleasure.

Tempranillo, the Ultimate Food-friendly Wine

Tempranillo is known for its structure and high tannins but it also has a fruity characteristic so,  good news…Tempranillo wine suits everybody’s liking no matter what are looking for.

As you may know, its homeland is Spain. Depending on the regions and given its versatility it is expected to have a wide range of versions and styles.

From cherry-colored tempranillo with garnet flecks to a rich dark.cherry-garnet color, with violet glints…. We can find 100% tempranillo aged in new and old oak for four months to soft the juice from the grips of chewy tannins to produce a round, velvety, structured red with a mid-palate full of toasted vanilla, red fruit and plums.

Or a tempranillo blend, that includes portions of garnacha (grenache) and mazuelo (carignan) aged in neutral oak for 6 months before bottling. You’ll find red berries, chocolate, vanilla, mocha and toasty aromas on the nose and palate.

From jóvenes, wines in their first or second year ideal to pair with appetizers or casual sipping… to special and classic Crianzas that do well with grilled meats. Tuna, Salmon, Tapas or light meats make a great match for “madurados” aged for only few months and incredibly versatile at the table.

Tempranillo goes well with almost anything, but undoubtedly , goes best with savory flavors, like cured meats (do not miss out how it goes with our Iberian Ham ;)) and Manchego cheese that stand up to the strength of the wine.

Tuck into one of our red cases that includes barrel-aged, medium-bodied, spiced, balsamic, toasty oak, and yet still fruit-forward tempranillos 🙂 and enjoy!

It’s freezing outside and you don’t need to leave you house, we deliver to your door.

Ribera del Duero is in vogue

We have started the year with great news, as Ribera del Duero (the region where we are based in) appeared in the New York Times. In particular, it was featured in the annual top 52 of places you should visit this year. This is very relevant as there are only two Spanish regions in the ranking, Sevilla and Ribera del Duero. Discover what they have to say about it.

According to the New York Times:

“Despite playing second fiddle to Rioja, the region around the Duero River (before it crosses into Portugal and becomes the Douro) produces oenophile favorites like Protos — in a Richard Rogers-designed winery — and Arzuaga, among many others. Easily accessed through the city of Valladolid — an hour north of Madrid by high speed train — the area offers what many consider to be one of Spain’s finest hotels, Abadia Retuerta Le Domaine. Also, visit the wine museum in Peñafiel Castle and the National Sculpture Museum — the Prado of Spanish sculpture.”


If this has whet your appetite, you have the opportunity to enjoy a exclusive selection of Ribera del Duero at an amazing price, just for being subscribed to our newsletter. What are you waiting for?

viña valera jov, siruela roble-fondo

Gathering Times

There’s no better way to spend Christmas than with a big smile and our best selections of Wine and Gourmet Hampers. This is our last newsletter of 2017 and there won’t be any other one until February, so be careful not to miss it!

This year a new member has come to San Jamón’s family and we want you to meet him.

Its name is Hermelo and it is only a few months old. It arrived in four forms: red, white, rosé and prosecco and it has a lot of taste.

It is a wine that our CEO, Miguel, wanted to dedicate to his granfather. He had a very special name (in Spain can be counted in one hand), and this was the best way to pay him tribute.

From this month you’ll be able to enjoy our four varieties of Hermelo.

  • Hermelo Prosecco DO Treviso is produced by our main Italian provider. Elaborated with the best grapes in the region.
  • Hermelo Tinto is produced in La Rioja. Its taste and and freshness will surprise you.
  • Hermelo Blanco blends the acidity of Viura with the softness of Tempranillo, which results in a great combination. Its grapes are collected in a 6-hectare field, also in La Rioja.
  • Hermelo Rosado is made with 100% Pietro Picudo grapes coming from private vineyards and it has been specifically designed for us. It is as good as a Bordeaux wine. It won’t let you down.

hermelo family.jpg


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

A toast to Rioja

This year we have left all the ‘black’ at home and we want you to do the same. How about a top-notch week with the most popular designation of origin in the market?

We have designed a Rioja compendium that will give you the opportunity to choose from the youngest to the oldest varieties. Let’s get into detail!

ricote joven.jpgRicote Joven

This wine has a dark cherry colour with a lively, violet rim. On the nose, the aromas are intense, fresh, clean and fruity, with floral, blackcurrant and milk hints. On the palate, it offers a perfect combination of freshness and acidity. It is long in the mouth, with a lingering finish and some sweet, fruity hints in the aftertaste.

Vallobera Pago Malarinapago malarina.png

Cherry red colour with purple rim. On the nose the fruit is mature, red compote fruit with hints of liquorice. On the palate is it well balanced, balanced acidity with gentle tannins. Long finish.

JALDUNJaldún Crianza 

Dark cherry color with violet rim. It is dominated by primary aromas of the Tempranillo variety accompanied by notes of fine wood American oak. The palate is structured, medium-bodied, it has a certain freshness with a very fruity and tannic finish. The aftertaste is broad, balsamic character.

Puerta Vieja Reservapuerta-vieja-reserva-rioja

Highly representative of classic Rioja Alta wines. Ruby red with a tawny rim, brilliant. Elegant on the nose, well-blended aromas with hints of wood ageing and varietal notes. Very fine and well-structured in the mouth. Aged for 24 to 30 months in American oak casks with appropriately-timed rankings.  Aged in the bottle for at least 12 months before being put on the market.


Want to make it classier? Check our Rioja Author’s Selection, featuring four gently selected wines (Campo Viejo Vendimia Seleccionada, Mitarte La Secreta, El Marido de mi Amiga and Mitarte Vendimia Seleccionada).

Rioja Author's Selection.jpg


Don’t lose this opportunity! Offers are only available until Friday and units are limited.


It’s Time to Have Ham!

Every fall we set aside a select few of our iberian hams for our customers and release them in small limited quantities as they reach their optimal point of curation. These selected pieces have a really high weight, the best curation point and the perfect value for money! The best thing is that you can get them with a special gift we have selected.

  • A ham-set with ham holder, stainless steel knife and sharpener
  • A wine: choose between red, white, rosé, prosecco, cava or cuvée

For those who want it sliced you can have an incredible Ibéricos Selection including ham, chorizo and salchichón. We have added an exquisite Pura Cepa Reserva, manchego cheese, olive oil and quince jam, so you can enjoy it even more.

Pair it with our November’s Rioja Selection featuring Campo Viejo Crianza and Campo Viejo Vendimia Seleccionada 2014, our newest acquisition.

campo viejo fondo pink

This wine has been elaborated with 100% tempranillo grapes and aged during 18 months in French and American oak barrels.

Its fruity taste and freshness can be perceived from the first minute you open it.

It has also been awarded with 91 points by the Guia Peñín.

If you prefer to have a wider selection to choose you can also count on our ‘Oops I Mixed It Again’ Collection, with the best red, white, rosé, cava and prosecco.

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Harvest Time in Rioja!

Summer has passed by and we can already feel Autumn is here! Wind sounds outside our office in Spain and temperatures are going down a bit! It is time to relax at home, enjoying quiet (or not that quiet!!!…It is up to you!!) dinners with family and friends.

Spanish Appellation of Origin regions are in the middle of the harvest! Some of our wine suppliers have already finished the most important weeks of the year. Enologists, wine specialists… Everybody has been very busy carrying out the harvest! This is the most exciting period of the year for winemakers! They have passed 12 months watching how vines were growing, first naked during winter, then warmer as spring arrived and finally even warmer under s

ummer sun. Harvest day is carefully chosen by enologist so grapes are in their perfect ripen point… Amazing! Isn’t it?

We did not want to miss the event and took a trip to La Rioja to be witnesses of this fabulous miracle and live the harvest experience in first person along with our friends in charge of create our Riojas

The Boss driving a tractor through the vineyards. Hornos de Moncalvillo,  La Rioja. ADM Winery 🙂

Thank you! We spent a great time having lunch with them, pairing reserves and Iberian ham, tasting moscato and laughing… because there are few things but wine so well related to nice moments with our closest ones.


A walk in the vineyards in Labastida, Rioja Alavesa. Thanks, Ignacio, Antonio and family 😉

It’s Wine O’Clock

As the summer comes to an end, we are spending every waking minute drinking wine, feeling fine and remembering… but also,  we down here at San Jamón are busy gearing up for the holiday season already.

But before we get going, we’ve prepared some “remembering” cases special to our customers. Apart from our wine cases, this month we have a special hampers, Ham, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Manchego Cheese and more for you to prepare the perfect Charcuterie and Cheese board. The range introduces less well known, but equally fine example of regional specialty, our beloved Lomo.

Try it in sandwiches or in charcuterie platters.

The weather is still warm, but the leaves are turning. Our skin still has a wonderful golden brown color…. We still have salty hearts. Enjoy life!


Extend your holidays. Keep the taste of Spain.

You are now probably in the middle of your holidays enjoying the summer vibes of your country. Or maybe you have decided to visit ours and get a glimpse of the Spanish gastronomy.

In San Jamón we are aware that going back to the routine after a time off can be very hard. We have asked ourselves what would be the best way to keep the holidays spirit alive and we have reached to this conclusion: through our finest food and wine.

We are glad to announce that have reinvented our next-day delivery system so you can still enjoy your most favourite Spanish  as soon as you return to your home.

What is more, you can try it for free acquiring one of our most beloved selections: Ibéricos and Wine!


This hamper has everything you need to enjoy a summer evening at home or at the beach.

Enjoy a meal with its 5 packs of Jamón Ibérico, 1 manchego cheese, 1 chorizo and 1 salchichón.

Pair it with its fruity Calderona Crianza and hit the sweet spot!


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